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Replacement transformation of traction structure in upper continuous casting machine

Announcer:admin  Date:2018-09-27
    Since the introduction of the method, the traction part of the continuous casting machine has been continuously improved. It has gone through three stages to the present position and presents different characteristics. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these traction mechanisms on the continuous casting machine?
    The upper lead casting machine used mechanical traction system earlier, such as overrunning clutch, ratchet pawl, screw stepping mechanism and cam stepping mechanism, etc. It has the advantages of convenient maintenance and low cost. But the shortcomings are also very obvious, easy to slip and wear, low lead speed, difficult to adjust the pitch, etc., has been eliminated.
    In order to overcome the shortcomings of the mechanical traction system, a stepping motor traction system has been developed. Although it is not easy to slip, the traction torque is large, and it is also beneficial to the improvement of the quality of the casting rod. However, the speed of the lead rod does not limit its application. It is a traction system for large diameter cast rods.
    With the advancement of technology, the servo motor traction system is applied to the upper continuous casting machine and is very popular with the small diameter casting rod. With this kind of traction mechanism, the cold rolling mill can be omitted, which greatly reduces the production cost.
    In addition, the servo motor traction system not only satisfies the high-frequency intermittent traction, the pitch can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the diameter of different casting rods, and it does not slip, and the operation is stable, which is a powerful guarantee for the stable operation of the upper continuous casting machine.
    Although the process of the continuous casting machine on the electronic control system is one of its characteristics, the requirements for the process operation are very strict. The temperature of the copper liquid, the level of the liquid level, the temperature of the crystallizer inserted into the copper liquid, and the traction The pitch, frequency, and pressure, flow rate, and temperature of the cooling water must be controlled within a certain range.