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The use of horizontal continuous casting machine far exceeds the arc continuous casting process

Announcer:admin  Date:2018-09-27
    The traditional continuous casting machine often adopts the method of curved continuous casting. Although the continuous casting production can be basically achieved, the quality of the product is not ideal. After continuous improvement, we finally successfully launched a horizontal continuous casting machine, which was completely cast by the method of horizontal continuous casting.
    Since the horizontal continuous casting machine is horizontally arranged and the fuselage is relatively low, most of the existing plants can be installed, which greatly reduces the construction cost of the infrastructure. Moreover, the tundish of the horizontal continuous casting machine is directly connected to the crystallizer, so that secondary oxidation can be effectively prevented.
    Even if there are inclusions in the molten steel, it is easy to float in the tundish of the horizontal continuous casting machine, which improves the cleanliness of the steel. Since the horizontal continuous casting can realize the sealing casting without secondary oxidation, the oxygen content in the casting blank is small, so the quality of the casting blank is improved, the casting blank is not bent, the straightening is not cracked, and the drum is loose.
    Especially in the horizontal continuous casting machine, the heat transfer of the crystallizer is concentrated at the front end. After the crystallizer is out of the crystallizer, there is no need to spray water, the cooling is uniform, and the surface quality of the slab is good. Whether the equipment or the method is particularly suitable for the casting of high alloy steel, it can be obtained. High quality casting products.
    The application of the horizontal continuous casting machine can be directly cast into small slabs, even a few millimeters of wire blanks, so that the final product can be obtained with a smaller rolling ratio, which greatly shortens the metallurgical production process. In addition, its safety and reliability is second to none. During the casting process, the leakage of the subsequent equipment is less, and the special continuous leakage monitoring device in the horizontal continuous casting can monitor the leakage.
    At present, horizontal continuous casting machines are used in some small and medium-sized steel mills, mainly for matching small electric cast furnaces to produce small-section slabs, and have achieved good results.