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Operation mode and parameter control of feeding link in the upper indexing method

Announcer:admin  Date:2018-09-27
When using the upper indexing method, it is usually referred to the relevant safety operating procedures to ensure that the process is completed smoothly, and the workpiece can be perfectly molded. Although there are many processes involved in the above-mentioned workflow, the basic ones are feeding, and whether the follow-up work can be carried out normally depends on it.
In the feeding process of the upper indexing method, it is required to use the special clamp lifting clamp to transport the copper to the furnace cover for baking, and the electrolytic plate of the small door baking is not allowed to be opened during the processing. Unless the raw material with water is used, it is allowed to open the small door and insert it into the furnace for baking, but it is not allowed to insert the wood carbon layer, and it is not allowed to insert the copper liquid to bake.
The feeding range in the upper indexing method also needs to be controlled. Usually, it is fed according to the liquid level indicating line, and the upper indicating line is not exceeded, and the lower indicating line is not lower. Once the feed rate exceeds the upper line, the liquid level will be too high, and the copper liquid will burn the crystallizer, causing the water to enter the furnace and cause an accidental explosion.
However, if the feeding amount in the upper drawing process is lower than the lower line, the copper liquid can not keep up with the speed requirement, and the internal crystal looseness of the copper rod can not meet the quality requirement. In order to ensure the accuracy of the liquid level, it is necessary to periodically check the liquid level automatic sensor to prevent it from malfunctioning.
When feeding, the right hand grabs the switch, and the left hand holds the electrolytic copper downwards. After relaxing, immediately bend over and hold the pull on the clamp, and lift the clamp back to pick up the electrolytic copper for baking. In addition to the manipulation method, the feeding in the upper method must be uniform, and the fluctuation of the liquid surface should not be caused by the feeding, so as to avoid loosening of the lead rod or the introduction of wood carbon and scales into the copper rod.
After the feeding, the electrolytic plate begins to melt and sink. When sinking to the upper end of the plate, the copper plate is pressed into the copper liquid with a wooden stick, and the wood carbon is passed over to cover the intermediate liquid surface to prevent accidents from entering oxygen. If there is no problem, you can enter the next step of the upper method.