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Close connection between leaking faults and seals of upper continuous casting equipment

Announcer:admin  Date:2018-09-27
    When the upper continuous casting equipment fails during the working process, it is usually diagnosed by the fault diagnosis expert, but this is often only based on experience to judge the failure of the upper continuous casting equipment, and there is ambiguity. In fact, there may be many reasons for causing a failure, or the result of the fault diagnosis system.
     In order to further determine the cause of the failure of the upper continuous casting equipment, the fault diagnosis system can be used to describe the fault knowledge of the continuous casting line equipment. In terms of its leakage problem, it is definitely closely related to the sealing of the main device.
     After analyzing the mechanism of the seal of the continuous casting equipment and some factors affecting the leakage, it can be determined that the macroscopic mechanism of the seal is that the thrust caused by the pressure difference between the two ends of the gap should not be greater than the internal friction between the liquid layers; The leakage amount of the columnar annular gap is proportional to the cube of the gap size, proportional to the pressure difference, and inversely proportional to the viscosity and the gap length.
     When the gap seal and the seal ring only play a part in the upper caster, the relationship between the seal and the amount of leakage is such. When it adopts the 0-type sealing ring which is ideally designed and installed, the leakage amount of the motion sealing solid is proportional to the square of the linear motion speed, and inversely proportional to the function related to the hardness of the sealing ring.
    If there is relative motion in the upper continuous casting equipment, then the contact zone of the sealing ring produces a returning zone, and the oil enters the cell into a high pressure zone and pushes the sealing ring to cause leakage. It can be seen that the correlation function of the amount of equipment leakage is very complicated.
    In order to effectively prevent the leakage of the lead-through continuous casting equipment, it is necessary to master the relevant knowledge, and further research and experiment on this basis, to prepare a sufficient theoretical basis.