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What are the qualities of the oxygen-free copper rod produced by the upper method?

Announcer:admin  Date:2018-09-27
The production of oxygen-free copper rods by the upper method is a very common process. In order to ensure the quality of oxygen-free copper rods, it is necessary to pay more attention to the production of raw materials, additives, production equipment and process parameters. Otherwise, it may lead to no Defects such as pores appear on the surface of the oxygen copper rod.
  Since the smelting process of the oxygen-free copper rod by the upper method cannot reduce the impurity content itself, the waste copper wire used as the raw material for production must be dried and cleaned before being placed in the furnace, and it is required that the surface thereof should not adhere to oil, emulsion or water, or if it is dissolved into copper. After the liquid, the resistivity of the crystallized copper rod is exceeded, and the precipitated gas forms a shrinkage cavity.
  In the production process of the oxygen-free copper rod, the product quality is greatly affected by the covering agent. The covering agent is mainly covered on the surface of the copper liquid in the furnace, and is mainly used for reducing degassing and removing oxygen in the copper liquid; At the same time, it also has the function of isolating air and heat preservation to prevent copper liquid from absorbing oxygen and hydrogen from the air.
  Therefore, once the quality of the covering agent is poor and humid, harmful substances such as hydrogen and oxygen inside it enter the copper liquid, which causes the copper rod to generate pores. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar problems, the quality of the covering agent must conform to the production process regulations, and it is necessary to purify and bake before use.
  The main equipment used in the production of oxygen-free copper rods by the upper method is the upper induction furnace, a production equipment consisting of a melting furnace, a static transition chamber and a holding furnace. If the equipment used in actual processing lacks a static transition The warehouse, the result will lead to large temperature fluctuations, which is conducive to the purification of copper water, thus forming a hollow.
  The process parameters that directly affect the quality of the oxygen-free copper rod are three aspects: furnace temperature, cooling water flow rate and lead rod speed. In actual operation, the temperature of the holding furnace is generally controlled. If the copper liquid temperature is too high or too low, Conducive to the quality of the product.
  If the influent temperature of the crystallizer is too high and the flow rate is too small, the copper liquid may not be cooled well, the crystal may be uneven, the copper rod temperature is high, the oxidation is easy, and the hollow rod is produced. In normal production, the temperature of the copper liquid and the speed of the lead rod are basically unchanged. All that can be done is to adjust the water pressure and the water output.